DCWAHK 香港論文指輔導顧問中心: 博士主理,至2022年 21.5年經驗 。香港學士 碩士 博士大學論文 個人陳述 Final Year Project 及功課指導、編輯、研究指導顧問諮詢支援

1. 資歷: Cert TESOL, BA BIS, MA AppLing, ex-PhD candidate in Language, DBA
2. 不是中介,DCWAHK 香港論文指輔導顧問中心 08年開始已參與 1180+大小工作項目。 全實體本地運作 ,你能實體接觸到丶問到丶互動到。
3. DCWAHK 香港論文指輔導顧問中心 前身於2007年為合顆業務。DCWAHK 於2008年成為獨立公司。 持有商業登記,非網上虛擬外判中介。
4. 不誇大,只說能做的: DCWAHK 香港論文指輔導顧問中心 在香港提供學士 碩士 學士 碩士 博士大學論文 個人陳述 Final Year Project 及功課指導、編輯、研究指導顧問諮詢支援 / Hong-Kong-based Personal Statement, Essay, Assignment, Thesis, Dissertation, Final Year Project Writing Help, Support, Guidance, and Consultation up to PhD level.
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學士 碩士 博士大學論文 個人陳述 Final Year Project 及功課指導、編輯、研究指導顧問諮詢 (全方位支援)


- Business Management, Human Resources Management

- Nursing, Medical

- Tourism, Project Management, Building & Construction

- Education & Training (Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary, Adult Work-based), Psychology (Applied, Cognitive, & Affective)

- Marketing, Advertising

- Housing & Facility Management

- Linguistics & Translation

- IT, HK Law, and Statistics

研究寫作指導諮詢 / 大學論文指導諮詢 / 大學功課指導諮詢 / Final Year Project 指導諮詢 /

- Writing Help/Guidance/Support/Consultation in Essay, Assignment, Research Proposal/Protocol, Thesis, Dissertation, Critical Appraisal, Meta Analysis, and Literature Review

- Academic Proofreading/ Editing (Overhauls of Academic Writing Logic, Flow, Structure, Clarity, & Fluency in Essay, Assignment, Research Proposal/Protocol, Thesis, Dissertation, Critical Appraisal, Meta Analysis, and Literature Review)

量化 大學論文研究數據收集及分析

- SPSS/AMOS/Lisrel/Gpower Analysis Help Guidance/Support/Consultation

- Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), Power Analysis, Six Sigma

- Chi-Square, T-Test, Exploratory and Factor Analysis, Loglinear, Logistic Regression (Binary, ordinal, and nominal)

- Interaction, Factorial Analysis, Nonparametric Analysis, Gamma G

- Somer's D, Kendall's tau, Spearman's Rho

- Crosstab, General Linear Model, ANOVA, MANOVA, MANCOVA

- Dummy Coding, Linear Regression with Moderators or Mediators

- Man-Whitney, Wilcoxon, Correlation, Adjusted Analysis

- Odds Ratio, Relative Risk, Sensitivity, Specificity

- Positive Predictive, Negative Predictive, to name an important few

質化 大學論文研究數據收集及分析

- Coding, Thematic Analysis

- Case Study, Ethnography,

- Grounded Theory, Phenomenology, & Framework Analysis

Research Consultation

- Assistance in Field Data Collections and Observations

- Literature Searches

- Answering All Questions Real-time in Face-to-face/Zoom Tutorials and Consultation


- Be realistic, positive, and specific about yourself

- Be razor-sharp, concise, and focused in content

- Get your strengths and qualities across in 500-700 words to make yourself standout in the application process

- Convince why the school must accept you and express how you will add value to the school

Here at DCWAHK 香港論文指輔導中心, these fundamental elements, rest assured, are incorporated into each personal statement writing/editing project.

了解更多香港學士 碩士 博士大學論文 個人陳述 Final Year Project 及功課指導、編輯、研究指導顧問諮詢

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Why DCWAHK for Hong-Kong-based personal statement, essay, thesis, dissertation, assignment, final year project writing help/guidance/support services?

  • A company registered in Hong Kong with a valid Hong Kong business certificate, clients are protected under the Hong Kong law
  • Administered by a DBA (CertTESOL, BA BIS, MA AppLing, ex-PhD candidate specialized in Language, and DBA), research rigor is emphasized
  • NOT a 'middle-man sales coordinator' claiming many staff / teams are working behind the scenes
  • As a focused company, DCWAHK puts emphasis on quality rather than quantity
  • Reliable in-house research sources (Peer-reviewed ONLY!)
  • Two-way interactive learning, nothing is virtual
  • 100% Made in Hong Kong
  • Genuine, DCWAHK does only what the company specalizes in (Hong-Kong-based personal statment, essay, thesis, dissertation, assignment writing help/guidance/support services), marketing is not employed to create overstated/unrealistic perceptions
  • Reasonable prices